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Site management features in Ixsite Web Analyzer software


The following is a partial list of web site management features in Ixsite Web Analyzer.


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Website checking features
Finds broken links Verifies existence of files referenced by A, IMG, FRAME, and many other tags
Multi-threaded analysis Speeds site checking by analyzing many pages on your site simultaneously
Flags common file problems Custom checking for stale content, slow pages, unused and duplicate files, etc.
Checks HTML tags Custom reporting for missing Titles, bad URLs/Mailtos, image sizing errors, etc.
Define site subsets for checking Limit how much of a site is checked, by domain, link depth, subdirectory, etc.
Include or exclude files to be analyzed Add or remove specific files in the site analysis
Reads site-internal and external files Lets you analyze the contents of your own site and others
Supports internet, intranet, LAN sites Analyses files on the internet, intranet, or your local network
Checks all major protocols Permits the analysis of URLs using Http, Https, Ftp, Mailto, and more
OK for all server hardware/software Reads sites from a Windows client, independent of server configuration
Checks password-protected sites Lets you specify username/password for reading protected pages
Automated site analysis Permits scheduling and unattended running of your site analysis
Website mapping features
Graphical links in/out Interactive map showing all links into and out of any page
Wavefront view Automatically illustrate the link distance from one page to all the others
Neighborhood diagram Instantly visualize the relationship between all the pages on your site
Shortest path Discover how quickly users can move from one page to another
Explorer-style outlines See your site's structure in two outline views: file/directory tree, links out tree
Website reporting features
Comprehensive error reports Automatic HTML-based reports detail your site's broken links, other problems
Image thumbnails Quickly review all your site's images, or limit to selected directories or pages
File overview Generate instant file reports: title, author, description, keywords, images, link in/out
Site statistics report Review file totals, mime types, sizes, dates modified, links in & out
Custom font, color, logo Add your company's logo and customize the appearance of reports
Detailed list views Sort and order file characteristics, displayed in familiar list views







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