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Find Broken Links
missing images, and more with Ixsite's link checker

Ixsite is a link checker and more! Zero in on broken links, missing images, stale content, orphan files, and many other website problems. Download FREE demo software at our site.


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Using Ixsite Web Analyzer's link checker feature, you can quickly locate broken links and many other potential problems on your site. The results appear in a set of detailed, HTML-based reports. Ixsite also flags problems directly in your viewer, so you can zero in on specific situations fast.

What Ixsite checks for:

- Broken links
- Missing images
- Stale content
- Slow loading pages
- Unused files on server
- Duplicate files
- Missing titles and ALT tags
- Bad image sizing
- Malformed email addresses
- More...

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Find broken links, missing images & more

Custom analysis: You can also define your own situations of interest. Want to focus on files more than a week old? Larger than 50K? That use a particular image? Powerful filters make it easy.

Other reasons to try Ixsite Web Analyzer:

  • Site mapper: Visualize your website with a wide choice of graphical and Explorer-style sitemaps.
  • Site reporter: Automatic reports include site statistics, problems found, image catalog, and more.
  • Fast & easy: Install on any Windows 95/NT4 client with no server access required; runs fast; powerful yet simple to use.
  • Free demo!


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