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Our new website mapping software makes site management easy: Create graphical flowchart diagrams of your website. Review your site's link and URL structure with familiar Explorer-style outline views. Download FREE demo software!


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Ixsite Web Analyzer's site mapping feature automatically creates several types of sitemaps you can use to visualize your website.

Outline maps: Explore the files on your site using the URL tree view.
Links in/out map: See the links into and out of each page.
Wavefront view: How far away is each page from your home page?
Neighborhood map: Visualize the relationship between your pages.
Shortest path: Discover how users move from one page to another on your site.

Sample: Ixsite Web Analyzer's website mapping software

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Other reasons to try Ixsite Web Analyzer:

  • Site verification: Zero in on broken links, missing images, orphan files, stale content, slow pages, etc.
  • Site reporter: Automatic reports include site statistics, problems found, image catalog, and more.
  • Fast & easy: Install on any Windows 95/NT4 client with no server access required; runs fast; powerful yet simple to use.
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