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Sample Diagrams & Reports: Ixsite Website Management Software


Ixsite Web Analyzer is a powerful website management tool. Use it to keep your website error-free: find broken links, missing images, stale content, and more. Visualize your website with sitemap diagrams and create custom reports, as shown in these samples.



Neighborhood sitemap diagram: Ixsite creates this diagram to help you visualize the relationship between the files on your site.


Starting from any page you choose, this map illustrates the references to pages, images, and other URLs to three levels deep.


More about Ixsite's website mapping feature.

Errors, warnings, and notes: After analyzing your site, Ixsite generates this report to give you a clear picture of any potential problems found.


Browse this report to find out about broken links, missing images, slow loading pages, and much more.


More about Ixsite's site analysis and site reporting features.

Links in/out map: This interactive sitemap displays links into and out of any file on your site. You can review any page's links to other files, or discover which pages use a particular image.


Clicking on any file in the diagram expands it to show additional links in and out.


More about Ixsite's website mapping feature.

Site statistics report: Details about your site, including total files listed by file type and status, average page sizes and download times, number of images per page, largest and smallest files, and more.


Customize any report with your own headers, footers, fonts, logos, and colors.


More about Ixsite's site reporting features.

Wavefront view of your site: Use this diagram to visualize both the size of your site and the distances between pages. Each ring represents a link away from the starting page.


You can change the starting page with a single mouse click to create an entirely new wavefront view.


More about Ixsite's website mapping feature.

File Summary: Ixsite can generate a summary report for each file found on your site.


This detailed report describes any problems found, description, file size, date modified, estimated download times, thumbnails of images used, links to other pages, pages that link to this file, etc.


More about Ixsite's site reporting features.




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